Some good reasons to go eco friendly – articles and media

Tap water vs bottled water: Study reveals which is better for you

Bottled water facts from ‘Clean up Australia’

War on waste ! If you need motivation to reduce plastic this show will give you it. The impact waste is having on our wildlife and the shear amount of it is unbelievable.

Shearwaters on Lord Howe island with stomachs full of plastic motivated me to start my website, hence the bird in the logo.

Shearwaters off Lord Howe island SMH article

Rat poison and wild life

Owls, kites and other birds of prey are  dying from eating rats and mice that have ingested  Second Generation  rodent poisons.  

These household products – including  Talon, Fast Action  RatSak  and  The Big Cheese Fast Action  brand rat and mice bait – have been banned from general public sale in the US, Canada and EU, but are available  to  purchase  from supermarkets  and retailers  throughout Australia.   Check out this important info from Bird Life Australia and to sign a petition to keep these poisons out of the food chain.