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Save Our Koalas Day of Action

This Sunday March 21 at 11am

Hyde Park Sydney near the Archibald Fountain | Sydney

Image of a Koala by Kerin Gedge

Koalas don’t need to go extinct by 2050. It can be stopped!

But we need to do something. Developer Lendlease is planning to destroy Koala habitat for its Figtree Hill and Mt Gilead developments and the Government is allowing this to happen.

Despite the Black Summer fires killing 10,000 koalas along with decimating millions of hectares of forests, the Government is doing nothing to protect them from further loss.

The Government should not allow the removal of ANY Koala habitat. No reason is good enough, not housing, not farming, there is always another way.

Australians profit off Koalas every day. The image of Koalas are used everywhere, on tea towels, on mugs, in fabrics, in photographs. Imagine a world with no Koalas. No tree for Koalas to go. It would be heart breaking. I for one do not want to live in a country that would take away this animals home and look back and say what a lovely creature that was. Shame it’s gone, or only a few in Zoos.

Join the Save Our Koalas Day of Action rally beginning in Hyde Park Sydney near the Archibald fountain and marching to mega-developer Lendlease’s Sydney office .

We need to be a voice for Koalas and for ourselves. Lets help protect Koalas!

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