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A waste free laundry!

Swap plastic pegs for stainless steel

Every day a plastic peg breaks when I’m hanging out the laundry, and I even keep them in a bag out of the sun. I hate to think of how many I have thrown out over the years, and that’s just me. Now is our chance to stop this wasteful habit… Stainless steel pegs.. they never break !

Also never buy those cheap plastic peg holders! I use the free cotton bags that come with your sheets or doona cover, they make a perfect peg bag.

Swap plastic detergent bottles for Soapberries

I am tired of all the plastic bottles I use on laundry ! These organic soapberries (they clean your dirty washing) from “That Red House” come in a cotton bag and last for 90 wash loads, I think it’s a bargain !

Wool Dryer balls save energy and make clothes snuggley.

Reduce drying time and your power bill. These babies reduce drying time as well as reducing wrinkles which means less ironing. This bag makes for 10,000 dryer loads. Waste free !